Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Re-Cap

All went well, rather smoothly, without too much craziness or drama.... We ended up with 17 people and 4 dogs at our house on Christmas day (3 of them ours - but Molly has a new little boyfried!!) Tons of food, tons of catching up, tons of family and friends. We had a great time but I was completely exhausted by the time everyone left and I got the kitchen cleaned up.... I was in bed at 9! The bad part was that I had to get up and work the next day...

Johnny goes to the dentist tomorrow to have 2 molars pulled, a root canal and a crown put on.... My poor honey. He's been in such pain for months and now he finally went in to the dentist and that's the verdict. And $1800 later.... Thank God for payment plans... Somehow, we'll manage. We'll just be living even tighter....

I keep meaning to sit down and do a "year in reveiw" kinda post, but don't seem to find the time when I'm at home.... always something else to do to keep me busy. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and if I don't post back before New Years.... Have a safe, wonderful and happy New Year!!!!


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