Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not much to say

Just wanted to make a new post since it's been over a week. But not much to say. Not much going on. Dealing with the same crap I've been dealing with for months. Trying to sort my head out and not get lost in my emotions. Not feeling myself lately. But, that's a whole nother story that I don't want to get into right now....

Love you guys and thanks for checking up on me. Sorry to be so down. I'm working on putting the smile back on my face. I promise. Just give me some time.

Monday, October 02, 2006

An update of sorts

It's gonna be a long one.... Got some things to talk about and some pictures to post....

*took today off from work as I was trying to get into the dr regarding some girlie issues I'm having. Called and talked to the nurse practitioner and she explained that what I'm experiencing is completely normal for someone who has had such a fluctuation in estrogen (missed 2 pills, was told to make up for them and skip my placebos, so in the last 2.5 weeks I've been spotting, had a heavy period, severe cramps and backache). Basically, don't come in. Just continue taking the 800mg Ibuprofen that I've been living on for the last 2 weeks.... Completely normal. Sure lady. (I feel terrible bc the crazy dip in my estrogen has my hormones raging and I've been really uneven and emotional lately and Johnny's on the receiving end of it.... He's said that he's gonna hunt her down if this doesn't go away soon)

*spent yesterday with Johnny and some friends helping them pack up their house and move. Got started late and we didn't get home till 2am. And, my poor Johnny's moving couches and beds and everything else with possibly 2 broken ribs.

* the broken ribs are a result of us horse playing. Last weekend had my brother and his fiance over, and had been drinking. Johnny thought it would be fun to tickle me and wrestle me to the ground. We ended up falling to the floor and he cushioned my fall, but I got him in the upper chest with my shoulder and we heard a couple loud pops. He's been in quite a bit of pain ever since and lately has been having a hard time breathing. He's not allowing himself any time to heal (as you know, you can't do anything for broken ribs) and has continued wrenching (mechanic term, sorry) and now moving our friends. Needless to say he's in lots of pain.

*brother and fiance were over last weekend. Went to Disneyland. Johnny's first trip in years. Didn't make it to California Adventures like we had planned, we got caught up in Disney too long, and then by the time we got done eating, California was closing. I've already decided that when I have to renew my annual pass in December, I'm gonna get him a pass too. Had a great time on the rides, took lots of pictures, and really just enjoyed the time together. My brother and I had been planning this trip for ages and it finally happened. And I love that my Johnny could be there with me. Love making new memories together.

*Some pictures.....

*well, since I'm off today, I'm going to be constructive and possibly scrap a bit. Been wanting to, just not much time in the evenings after work. Have some ideas in my head that I've been dying to get out onto paper. And I'm gonna go take my honey some lunch so he doesn't starve. Miss being able to do that on a regular basis - being able to take my lunch and get away and visit with him when I was having a bad day.

*and, the job's going good. I'm catching on, learning the ropes. Still not happy about the drive. But in all, it's okay.... Now, if we could just find my timecard that they lost so I can get the paycheck I was supposed to have on Friday..... (if it's not one thing, it's another)